Clawed Console Table



Designed and made for the Adjust/Adapt exhibition, this sculptural table developed the hand carved legs of my shorter, clawed coffee table. These tapered legs involved many hours of hand shaping and sanding to create the smooth curving, elliptical forms, which to me invoke the claws of a creature. The top is made from a very unusual Beech tree which grew just a few miles from my workshop on the Lothian Estate. From the outside it looked much like any other old Beech tree but when we got it onto our sawmill it revealed a very special treasure of pippy, or ‘Flecky’ growths which went right through the log. We’ve never seen anything else like it and it is perhaps a one off freak of nature.

Photographed by Tina Sorensen


Dimensions (mm)

1200mm x 320mm x 800mm (w.d.h)


Oak and Flecky Beech

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Alasdair Wallace

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