Join us!

Being a furniture maker can be a lonely career choice for some, but not here at Real Wood Studios! Here you are part of a community of wood workers and wood lovers and there is always a fellow maker nearby to lend a hand or discuss that tricky problem over a cuppa. It’s a place where you can learn about and get involved in local timber processing, choose from the great selection of timber on your door-step and show off your finest work to potential clients in our onsite gallery.

We are always keen to hear from new makers who are interested to join us so if you think this might be for you please get in touch.

You can find more info here:  –  Become a maker

This is from Alasdair Wallace, a resident maker who joined us over 10 years ago and is now also on our board of Directors.

“I joined Real Wood Studios in 2012, after completing a two year FdA in Furniture Crafts. I didn’t feel the sums added up to be able to start my own workshop so when I read about this collective set up in the Scottish Borders I got the map out and arranged a visit. It made a big impression.

The combination of timber yard, showroom and shared workshop is really unique and I learnt so much from the other makers in the first couple of years. My course had given me an excellent grounding in design and making, but there is so much more you need to know to run a successful business, from good book-keeping to marketing and client management. Every project has new challenges and at Real Wood Studios you can share your questions with experienced makers and find solutions.

As for any shared space I’ve had to be willing to help out and contribute to the collective running of the place but equally there is always a helping hand nearby for my own work, whether it be words of advice or help lifting a newly glued table top. Running a furniture making business isn’t easy, but Real Wood Studios offers everything you need to make it work”