Price list


Current Kiln Dried Stock

In the racks and available to buy now – updated October ’21

Oak (Square & waney edge) – good supply of 30, 40 with some 50mm

Oak (Quarter-Sawn) – 3.2m boards from 100mm to 350mm wide, 44mm thick

Pippy/Burry Oak (Double waney edge) – 50mm Short boards 

Elm  (Waney edge) – Good supply of 30mm, 40mm and a few 50mm boards (below image)

Burry Sycamore (Waney edge) – 40 and 50mm

Rippled Sycamore (Waney edge) – Clean 50mm+ thick boards

Ash  (Square and waney edge) – Clean white and olive 30, 40 & 50mm various lengths and widths

Cherry – (Waney edge) 30 and 40mm boards

Walnut – (waney edge) – 50mm short boards

For all timber enquiries, please contact Graham Murdoch (

Real Wood Studios has a chain of custody for each log that passes through our yard. We buy our round wood logs from local landowners who manage their woodlands in a sustainable way. Where possible we view the felled logs in situ so we can be sure of their provenance. Each log is tagged with a unique identification number which we use to record location, supplier, yield and characteristics.

To ensure a stable end product we air dry our timber slowly. Stacks of stickered boards are left to dry for a year per 25mm thickness. This allows the tension in the wood to release which makes it less likely to warp in service. When the moisture content is lower than 20% the timber is ready to be kiln dried. We also do this slowly – usually 4 to 6 weeks per load – to make sure that the drying process doesn’t tension the wood again.

We have a wide range of Air Dried and Kiln Dried timber in stock. Sawn Boards are generally available in either square edge, one waney edge or two waney edges. We try to keep a variety of grades in stock – from straight grain to character grade – depending on species. All Kiln Dried stock is dried to a moisture content between 8 and 12% ready for internal use. Our boards are currently cut at 54mm, 40mm & 30mm with some stock at 75mm & 100mm. Boards can be up to 3.5 metres long – we maximise the yield from our logs and don’t trim to standard lengths. The majority of our logs are cut either ‘Through and Through’ or ‘Square Edge’ depending on species and end product.

Custom Cutting – if you require a large volume, specific grade, long length or cut of board please contact Graham to discuss your requirements. With our Trak-Met sawmill we can cut lengths up to 5 metres. See Sawmill section for more information.

Green oak is available on a cut to order basis – we hold round logs in stock ready for cutting. Air Dried Oak is always in stock.

Beams and Mantels are priced individually on grade and size – we have a wide range of Kiln Dried Ash, Oak and Elm pieces ready for use.


Timber price list

Price is per cubic foot. For cubic metre price please multiply by 35.3.

These are guide prices, stock is priced according to thickness, width, grade and features. Timber bays are marked individually.

Prices are subject to VAT.

  • Species
  • Air dried cost (from)
  • Kiln dried cost (from)
  • Elm
  • N/A
  • £55-75
  • Burr Elm
  • N/A
  • £75-95
  • Oak
  • £40
  • £50-65
  • Pippy Oak
  • N/A
  • £65-75
  • Ash
  • £36
  • £40-50
  • Cherry
  • N/A
  • £38
  • Sycamore
  • £29
  • £34
  • Yew
  • £36
  • £40
  • Lime
  • £25
  • £30
  • Beech
  • £25
  • £30
  • Birch
  • £25
  • £30
  • Green Oak
  • £36
  • N/A
  • Douglas Fir
  • £18
  • £22
  • Larch
  • £16
  • £20