We currently produce off-saw square edge and profiled Larch cladding.  Like our hardwood logs our Larch is also sourced locally and will normally be a hybrid strain of Japanese and European Larch.  An affordable, sustainable and natural choice for all kinds of building exteriors.  We only cut large volumes to order, so please enquire at least 6-8 weeks prior to fitting to allow plenty time for us to mill and air dry your cladding.  We also stock a small quantity of seasoned boards ready for purchase.


Our off-saw cladding is best used vertically, board on board for a closed wall or left with a gap to allow air-flow for an agricultural building or drying shed.  A rough textured board that comes straight off our sawmill and will naturally colour to a silver/grey finish within a few months.  When calculating your area to be covered, add 35% for overlap and fitting waste.  Eg. A 10 spm wall will require 13.5 sqm of cladding.

  • Board on board

  • Gap

Off-saw prices start from £17 per square metre for 20mm thick boards and £21 for 25mm.


We also offer a smooth planed profiled board produced from our four-sided planer/moulder.  This can be tongue and grooved with a “V” channel, shadow gap or with a 22 degree bevel.

  • TGV

  • Shadow gap

  • 22 degree bevel

Profiled prices start from £22 per square metre for 16mm thick boards and £26 for 20mm.

Lengths – 3.1m, 3.7m, 4.9m (We generally only have 3.7m logs in stock but can source longer or shorter for large orders)

We recommend ordering 10% more than your finished area size to allow for fitting waste.


We can also fulfil a cutting list if you require off-saw larch for projects other than Cladding.

Due to fluctuations in timber prices, these are only a guide.

All prices are subject to VAT.