All timber that is to be used in a centrally heated house needs to be properly dried. Using our two kilns we can carefully dry your timber down to a moisture content between 8-12%.

We prefer to run our kilns slowly to achieve consistent and even drying throughout the load. Fast drying in dehumidifier kilns can cause stresses in the wood, showing as surface splits, shakes and case harding. Typically a load will take 4 to 6 weeks to kiln depending on species and thickness of stock –  for example 75mm Oak will take a lot longer than 25mm Douglas Fir.

Hire Rates

Individual Boards (per cuft): £9
Volume Price (per M3): £300

Kiln Capacity

Maximum length of board: 6m
Width of Load: 1.2m
Volume: 5 to 6 M3

Please contact Graham to discuss your kilning requirements.