Solid Wood Flooring

Our solid wood flooring is made from carefully selected locally grown trees from sustainable woodlands in the Scottish Borders. We process the logs at our own workshop, producing small batches of bespoke solid wood flooring. The result is a high quality product with a distinctive character – grown in Scotland and made by craftsmen.

Small batch production means that your floor will be produced to order – often from a single tree. This means that the range of tones and grain characteristics in your floor will be harmonious and as unique as the tree it was made from.

Available in Oak, Ash, Sycamore & Beech we grade and select each board by hand to ensure that you have a range of boards that complement each other to create the perfect hardwearing floor.

Hardwood Flooring Specifications

  • Single width board with a visible face of 110mm
  • Standard thickness of 20mm
  • Random lengths from 0.9m to 3.0m with an average length of 2.2m
  • Tongue and groove joints on all four edges or available with flat ends for a traditional fix.
  • Supplied unfinished ready for installation and treating with your own choice of oil, wax or lacquer.

Guide Price

Oak from £75 per m2 + vat
Ash from £72 per m2 + vat
Sycamore from £72 per m2 + vat
Beech from £68 per m2 + vat

Bespoke Flooring

Our flooring is currently available in a single specification as detailed above. We also offer a full bespoke service to customers own dimensions – subject to a 6 month lead time to allow for sourcing and seasoning of the timber. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and indicative pricing.

Softwood Flooring & Limited Editions

Douglas Fir Flooring

Visually a great alternative to a hardwood floor and ideal for restoration work. Not as durable as hardwood flooring, Douglas Fir is ideal for domestic or low to medium traffic applications. Like our hardwood flooring our Douglas Fir is sourced from local sustainable woodlands and made in our own workshop. Made to order we can supply wide boards in thicknesses upto 25mm and in lengths from 2.4 to 4.0 metres.

Prices from £65.00 per m2 + vat

Whiskey Flooring

Sourced from a Whiskey Distillery, we have a limited number of reclaimed Douglas Fir boards that were used as a large vessel in the distilling process. The smell of these boards is incredible. Beautiful straight grained timber with dark bands of discolouration caused by the metal bands that held the vessel together.

Please contact us for more information & guide price